Learning and play result in some very hungry tums! I keep them happy  and full with freshly produced meals, using locally sourced high-quality seasonal produce. Cooking is a passion of mine, and I offer a child-adapted mix of Mediteranean, classic British, pan-Asian cuisine and occasionally introduce intercontinental dishes. 

Usually we have fish on Monday, chicken on Tuesdays, veggies on Wednesday, Thursday`s we have hearty meals like Shepherd`s pie or Bolognese and Fridays we make our own pizzas from scratch…yes, even knead the dough ourselves!

I do provide veggie and vegan options packed full of nutrients. Please get in touch to discuss your little one`s diatary requirements!


Weaning is a major milestone…kind of a big deal, right! I understand the importance of setting a positive relationship with food and a good foundation for eating habits from the get-go.

I engage children with fun ways of exploring new tastes and textures, whilst trying new foods. And work in cooperation with parents to set a good routine as we gradually introduce more foods broadening their palette.


 Growing up as a little explorer is hard work! Whether we are on the move or having a relaxed play indoors, we always make time for a tasty snack. 

Snack time usually consist of avocado on toast, fruit and rice cakes, or breadsticks and veggies with a home-made dip. We encourage our little helpers to get involved in the prep, which makes is much more special! 


As a part of my commitment to address children`s individual needs, I have developed a range of recipes for a wide scope of dietary requirements. Those include nut, dairy, sesame, wheat and fruit allergies, amogst others. 

I work closely with parents, dietitians and other health professionals to monitor, assess and continually provide appropriate dietary options.